9'' "Renegade" Borosilicate Glass Rig


Height: 9 inch

Weight: 1.2 pound

Thickness: 5 millimeter

Color: Clear

Logo Color: Frosted

Used with: Concentrate & Flower

Material: 100% High grade borosilicate glass

The "Renegade" from RIG has a simple, stylish yet efficient design.  The percolator diffuses vapor through water of which results in a cooler, more purified inhale. The calculated angles produce a smooth yet powerful intake with each hit. These rigs are paired with bangers made from heat tolerant quartz.

RIG Concentrate Rigs, a step to purification and only exceeding expectation.

Included in package:

9'' "Renegade" Concentrate Rig x 1

RIG 90° Quartz banger x1

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
My new favorite piece

After owning (and loving!) The Revolt for years I wanted something a little more streamlined with more restrictive airflow. The Renegade fit my needs perfectly, hits hard with the perfect draw. Construction feels solid, can’t beat this quality for the price. Cannot wait to grab the cyclone to round out the collection :)

Miles Hooper

Cost me $300 when it was only $100. I had to order it three times just to get Rebel initiate bong

Curt Close
Will be back for more rebel goodies

Had this rig for over a year now I love it my friends and fam love it I put a nice campfire quartz blurper on it and it’s the best piece of glass I’ve ever owned great job 👏

Jacob Quillen
Renegade Rig

Hits smooth and even better than I expected. Would for sure recommend!

Ant the Arb.
It's worth it.

Very well made, awesome piece of glass. Although, I got the email to rate them prior to getting the piece and I wish it came with a flat banger instead of a slanted but then I'm being picky. It still gets 5 out of 5 for craftsmanship and 5 out of 5 for how well it hits.