Standing Bubbler


Height: 4.5 inch

Weight: 0.6 pound

Joint: 14 millimeter 

Color: Clear

Logo Color: Frosted

Used with: Flower

Material: 100% High grade borosilicate glass

Have you ever knocked over a bubbler before and are tired of cleaning up a mess when you are supposed to be enjoying the high?

This standing bubbler is designed to be mess FREE. The combination of water and the thick glass base weighs down the bubbler. It is an ideal size for effortless and casual smoking. The detachable bowl makes it easier to clean than any other bubblers.

Included in package:

Standing Bubbler x 1

14mm pullout bowl x1

Customer Reviews

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James Parker
The little bubbler that definitely could !

Absolutely love this bubbler ! I mean it's basically a mini bong and I get very large cool hits and it just smokes incredible, love it ! I wasn't sure about the mouth used at first cause I couldn't tell from the photo but it is absolutely wonderful to use, on top of everything else it looks cool.