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14'' Zong, "Cyclone" Rig, Bubblers & Ceramic-coated grinder.

Classic & Minimal

The beauty of simplicity

Stylish and Efficient

Best selling "Revolt" & "Renegade" Rigs

100% High grade borosilicate Glass

Ash catchers & More

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Professionally hand-blown to perfection

The process implemented for the creation of each of these items is an art form that is unmatched by any kind of mass production process. With such a high level of craftsmanship, you can expect a product that goes beyond the expected quality standards.  When you purchase from Rebel Initiate Glassworks, you are obtaining a product that is truly one of a kind. We take pride in the fact that none of our products comes out exactly the same and that level of quality merged with impeccable uniqueness is hard to find.  The commitment to the creation of every single product sold is the reason why Rebel Initiate Glassworks is the ultimate choice for all your smoking accessory needs. You can expect nothing but the best in terms of production and customer service when you are looking for the best products in the industry.